Haircutter Anastasia from The Haircut Express – the subject of an article by the British magazine The Economist.

The Economist has published a documentary article about the fate of refugees from Ukraine. The material was prepared a year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There is the fate of Anastasia Meshcheryakova among the human stories described. After the war started, the Ukrainian woman fled to Poland and started working in one of our hairdressing salons in Warsaw.

The main purpose of the Economist article is to show the uncertainty and desperate story of Ukrainian women who were forced to leave their homes, jobs and families because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Most often, they fled with small children or alone, without relatives or husbands (men of military age cannot leave Ukraine). Fleeing, they stayed mainly in European countries, but not only. Poland received the largest number of refugees.

Some of them have already returned to Ukraine, some are planning to return, but there are also those who have nowhere to return to (destroyed homes and cities). In February 2022, their lives stopped and a new, different and unknown one began. There was no job, no friends, no home in the new place, and their children had no school and no peaceful childhood. So they had to change the “new” reality quickly and boldly. They had to build their lives anew.

Anastasia is one of these women, a representative of brave Ukrainians. She fled to Poland from Kharkiv, where she worked as a hairdresser and lived a happy life. After the war broke out, despite her great reluctance, she had to leave for Warsaw with her child and mother. That’s how she joined the Haircut Express team.

Anastasia works for us as a hairdresser, whom we have been praising and appreciating as a good specialist since the very first days. Despite her difficult emotional and life situation, she was able to quickly pull herself together and do her job well every day. Anastasia likes her job – she is able to listen to the client, give advice and provide a very high level of service. After work, she actively studies Polish and learns about the culture. You can read and listen to more about Anastasia and other Ukrainian women here: 

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